Well, now that you live in paradise, you have found that you are not alone!

Looking at theses beautiful tranquil pictures, it is hard to imagine that there are:
Springtails, Termites, Did I mention Rat's and Mice ( Mostly Rats)
                                       Don't despair there is HOPE!

There are safe methods for performing pest control services that use the least amount of product to gain the best control. It doesn't take much product to kill an insect. You have to know what product to use and where to use it and how much is needed.

That always reminds me of one of my customers, on a service call one day,  the customer complained of spiders and he saved a sample for me and was so proud of his catch. He then opened up a piece of folded paper to show me a soaking wet spider, I asked what happened to him the customer replied, "he tried to get away but I used half a can of spray on him!"

The point of this story is that you can kill an insect with one finger or you can use a sledge hammer you get the same result either way. That's what makes pest control of today so effective using the least amount of product and knowing where and how to use it.