COCKROACHES - There are approximately  3500 species of Cockroaches in the world today but, luckily they all don't live in Florida!

The ones you will probably encounter are;
1) American Roach
2) Smoky Brown Roach
3) Australian Roach
4) Brown Banded Roach
5) German Roach ( The most home infesting one of all )
6) Oriental Roach

There are others not so common in this area as;
1) Madagascar Roach
2) Death's Head Roach
3) Surinam Roach
4) Lobster or Cinereous Roach
5) Cuban Roach

Of the the Cockroaches you may encounter they all live outside the home and will invade your home when conditions are right.

On the other hand, the German Cockroach is the most successful domesticated Cockroach that is very comfortable living with us in our homes and has no need to go outside.

ANTS - There are many species of ants and most of them will stay outside your home. The ones that like to visit you would be;

1)   Carpenter Ants
2)   Fire Ants
3)   Acrobat Ants
4)   Crazy Ants
5)   Little Black Ants
6)   Thief Ants
7)   Ghost Ants      ( sugar ant )
8)   Pharaoh Ants  ( sugar ant )
9)   Odorous Ants
10) White Footed Ants

SPIDERS - These Arachnids strike fear in most people but actually they are beneficial in reducing pests. They are all venomous but the two that are dangerous to people are:

1) The Black Widow
2) The Brown Recluse

OCCASIONAL INVADERS - These are pests that can invade your home.

1)   Scorpions                         11) Casemaking Moth                2)   Millipedes                         12) Bed Bugs
3)   Centipedes                       13) Blood Sucking Conenose
4)   Earwigs                             14) Rodents ( Rats and Mice )
5)   Stored Product Pests
6)   Fleas
7)   Ticks
8)   Mites
9)   Carpet Beetles
10) Webbing Clothes Moth